RocketCyber Antivirus Apps

RocketCyber has apps for common MSP antivirus (AV) solutions: Microsoft Defender, SentinelOne, Cylance, BitDefender, Deep Instinct, and Webroot.

Phase 1

Our current AV apps bring all the threats available on your AV dashboard to your RocketCyber dashboard. One less thing to log into in the morning!

Also, since you can be notified of malicious activity via email, you can use our app as an automated AV monitor that will inform you when there is an event. Then check your AV, cloud, device, and firewall warnings all in one place!

Phase 2

Currently, in development, RocketCyber will soon add isolation and remediation functionality for our Managed SOC customers. RocketCyber will not only detect and identify threats with your preferred AV solution, but our security experts will also quarantine infected devices and perform remediation!

Update* SentinelOne Phase 2 is currently available whereby the Incident Status & Analyst Verdict actions can be performed from within the RocketCyber SOC platform.

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