Custom Whitelisting Beta

Whitelist cloud apps based on combinations of fields


So you want to whitelist network tools, but only for your network administrators?  Something like

email = '' OR ''


malicious_file_name = 'PuTTy'

How To

  1. Select an app result of the type you would like to whitelist, and select Add to Whitelist as usual

  2. Click Custom in the bottom left

  3. A list of all attribute paths will populate, each with a text field. Fill in the desired values.

    1. Options are OR if within the same box. Each box is then combined with an AND.

    2. For example, in the picture above, you will whitelist items that match all of the following

      1. Result = "success" AND

      2. description = "Update user" AND

      3. principalName = "" or ""

  4. Select Apply to existing if desired, and click Add

Support for custom whitelisting on non-cloud apps is on the way!

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