Automatically open and close RocketCyber tickets on your PSA

Managed customers can now set up PSA integration to automatically open/close RocketCyber incident tickets when they are resolved.


Why close tickets manually?  There are programs to do that for you.

Before You Begin

Want to automatically import your PSA customers to RocketCyber?

You must be a SOC customer

If you started with us after August 15, 2020, you're good.

If you are a legacy Professional Plan customer and want to automatically create tickets, see Datto ticket creation or ConnectWise ticket creation

For Datto (Autotask), you will need:

For ConnectWise, you will need:

  • Your company id, host, public, and private API keys

For Kaseya BMS, you will need:

  • Your company, username, password, and server URL  

For Syncro, you will need:


The steps in this process are nearly identical for Datto (Autotask) and ConnectWise.  These instructions will work for both.

  1. From the dashboard, use the nav menu on the left side to go to IntegrationsScreen_Shot_2021-02-24_at_9.09.35_PM.png
  2. Input the requested credentials
    1. If you want to automatically import customers from your PSA in this step, select import customers
  3. Click Create Integration
  4. For any customers you did not import from your PSA, we need to know what PSA company to assign their tickets.  Click [Your PSA]-RocketCyber Customer Mapfind-customer-map-btn.png
    1. Select what RocketCyber customer account to associate with each PSA company and click Save Integration Settings
  5. PSAs have various queues or boards that tickets can be on.  Select where you want RocketCyber tickets to go and click Update Integrationset-queue.png
  6. Both Autotask and ConnectWise allow extensive customization of ticket statuses.  Select what status you want to be assigned to RocketCyber-created tickets.
    1. Newly Created - This is the status that will be assigned when the ticket is first created
    2. Updated Tickets - If you wish, select a different status to move the ticket to if RocketCyber changes incident details.  This field is optional and can be left blank.
    3. Closed Tickets - Select a status to assign to close the ticketset-ticket-levels-png-1.png
  7. Click Update Integration

Some PSA configurations have multiple "Closed" options, some of which mark the ticket as complete but do not remove it from the dashboard.  

If you have different closed statuses in this way, make sure you select a status for "Closed Tickets" which will have the desired behavior. 

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