Import Customers From PSA

Easily add customers in RocketCyber by importing them from your Datto (Autotask) or ConnectWise PSA

Why manually enter customers, when you can import them in seconds?

Before You Begin

You must be a SOC customer

If you started with us after August 15, 2020, you're good.

If you are a legacy Professional Plan customer and want to automatically create tickets, see Datto ticket creation or ConnectWise ticket creation

For Datto (Autotask), you will need:

For ConnectWise, you will need:

  • Your company id, host, public, and private API keys

For Kaseya, you will need:

  • Your company, username, password, and server URL  

For Syncro, you will need:


The steps in this process are nearly identical for Datto (Autotask) and ConnectWise.  These instructions will work for both.

  1. From the dashboard, use the nav menu on the left side to go to Integrationsdashboard-shot-png-1.png
  2. Input the requested credentials
  3. Move the Import Customers from the PSA slider to Yes and click Create Integrationimport-customers-base.pngMany companies use their PSA to store potential leads, competitors, and even vendors in addition to their customers.  Select the categories you want to import into RocketCyber.  Select the Create Customers checkbox and click Pull Companies
  4. You will now have a list of companies in those categories.  This gives you an opportunity to customize which companies you wish to import.  There is a "Select All" checkbox on the top-right that will select/unselect all, and the companies are alphabetically ordered (left-to-right, top-to-bottom)
  5. Once all companies you want to be imported are selected, click Create Companiesselect-customers-png.png
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